Our Value


Powerlink has invested significantly to develop Intranet tools for its employees that give them the ability to collaborate on project management, change management, metrics management and scheduling as well as to generate new ideas and adopt best practices.

Management also uses Powerlink's Intranet site as an effective tool to audit results, schedules and provide daily feedback to employees. Powerlink's Intranet has enhanced productivity and overall quality of service by increasing communication among employees and improving regular evaluation of project and personnel metrics.

In addition to the Intranet, Powerlink has mastered the "technology" of service by developing a software system designed to improve quality, increase service, and lower cost, by linking what management learns from quality inspections, deficiencies, and efficiency tracking to its daily operations. This cutting-edge tool, dubbed Managelink, is used to develop a customized, highly detailed management structure combined with increased employee accountability to create an optimal, productive environment for each facility Powerlink manages.

Managelink enables Powerlink to quickly identify and correct performance issues as they happen, improving customer satisfaction, improve efficiencies and effectively reduce operational costs.

Powerlink has also developed a cutting-edge Internet-based learning management system (LMS). This tool has helped to foster a customer-centric culture, while assuring the right fit when matching employees with customers. With the LMS, all training is conducted and documented online, streamlining the training process for Powerlink's employees while simultaneously documenting each employee's unique skill sets and attributes. The system enables Powerlink to perfectly match employees to various job opportunities through its advanced attitude and job fit testing.