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Why Choose Powerlink Staffing Services

Since 2002, Powerlink has provided a variety of staffing services based on our expertise in lean process management, hiring and training. By setting measureable objectives and giving our team members all of the tools to succeed, we give our clients unparalleled service quality, whatever the environment.

Our expertise in complex and highly regulated industries has driven us to create processes that maximize employee efficiency and effectiveness. We build and perfect the best systems for each task, then train our team to execute each step. For every process, we set measureable objectives to ensure that we’re meeting and exceeding a client’s needs, and giving us the tools for continuous improvement.

Our expertise in hiring and training for these specific positions allows our clients to focus on their core objectives, whether they be health care, education or manufacturing. We identify, secure and empower the best candidates to help your organization succeed.

  • Measureable objectives
  • Improved productivity
  • Maximized employee efficiency
  • Custom built internal systems
  • Effective processes

Contact our Director of Staffing:

Brenda Pettway