Our Value

People and Professional Development

When given opportunity, training, and leadership, employees are more productive and generate ideas that will create new solutions and a better environment for our customers. Powerlink's unique facilities management service differs from its competitors due to its general human resources practices and innovative approach to cultivating superior employees through a comprehensive system of selection, training, coaching and development.

Through complete workforce sourcing, Powerlink assumes responsibility for staffing your workplace with the finest workers available. The recruitment, health and safety training, compensation, benefit administration and other human resource responsibilities are ours. We administer all levels of labor management and employ a rigorous and sophisticated recruitment program covering selection, training, coaching and career development.


Powerlink has developed a rigorous and sophisticated 13-step program for employee selection that includes background checks and health and physical testing required for some positions.

All new hires receive both general training, including a safety orientation, and specific training for their assignment. Training is handled in a group environment utilizing, lecture, video presentation, and slides. Participants take a written test to ensure comprehension.

Employee learning never stops at Powerlink. An on-site workforce manager is responsible for essential training and development needs of workers, as well as human resource functions. He continuously measures performance against an established plan, reporting status, variances and emerging trends to you with recommendations for improvement. Through coaching and additional training programs our staff have opportunities for continuing professional development. Our web-based collaboration tool also allows employees to post ideas, ask questions and get answers, and share best practices across multiple sites or large facilities.