Our Value

Minority Business Development

Within the past two years, Powerlink has established a stellar track record in its overall support and assistance to Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs) and MBE programs. Powerlink is dedicated to fostering the growth and expansion of promising MBE's through mentoring and partnership. Powerlink has developed a mentoring relationship with a Detroit-based promotional merchandise and graphic design firm, helping it with critical financial assistance and business guidance. Powerlink's marketing and media relations are managed by MBE firms, and it has also partnered with another promising Detroit-based MBE companies to supply all of Powerlink's janitorial consumables.

Powerlink's active participation with the Michigan Minority Business Development Council (MMBDC) led to a significant MBE spend just last year, when it began purchasing insurance from a company owned by a woman and an Hispanic man.

Another example of Powerlink's commitment to the growth and development of MBE's lies within its continued participation in other MBE initiatives. Working with a major health system, Powerlink is currently developing an innovative strategy to increase the overall spend with MBE's in the area of the health system's landscaping maintenance contracts. Powerlink has also been instrumental in identifying and recruiting additional minority suppliers for the hospitals.

Currently, a significant percentage of Powerlink's corporate staff are minorities. In addition, Powerlink works to ensure that minority employees are equally represented in today's marketplace and is committed to building a highly qualified workforce that is reflective of the communities it serves.