To be the best, we need to hire the best

I greatly enjoyed my recent opportunity to go on the air with FOX 2 Detroit and talk a little bit about our recent growth here at Powerlink. During the interview I shared some of the thinking that goes into our hiring practices and that got me thinking a little bit more about how critically important that process is not only to Powerlink’s efforts, but to any company’s success. This might sound negative, but at its core, our hiring process is actually one of exclusion—our goal is to eliminate those individuals who simply won’t be a good fit for the speed at which we function and the high level of service we pride ourselves on. Here are some of the attributes that matter most to us here at Powerlink as we meet with candidates and look to hire talented and motivated personnel:

Passion: For many of our positions, we can train a new hire with the specific skills that they need to do the work—but we can’t teach or train them to have passion for what they do every day. We need people who truly care about our clients, and who are willing to go above and beyond to serve them.

Presentation: Part of taking pride in yourself and your work is taking pride in the way you look.

Flexibility: Powerlink needs team members who are willing to adapt to our culture and expectations.

Willingness to follow direction: One of the easiest ways to remove yourself from contention is to not follow basic instructions. We usually begin the interview process by asking candidates to come (alone) to our office at a specific time, to be appropriately dressed, and to bring a copy of their resume with them. Candidates who cannot follow those fairly basic instructions are essentially disqualifying themselves before the formal interview even begins.

Diversity matters: We will always hire the best person for a job, but, with clients in a variety of industries and communities, we need to reflect that diversity in our team members.

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