Customer service spotlight: Karen Taylor

Here at Powerlink we focus a great deal on the importance of service—the value of going the extra mile for our clients. With that in mind, I think it’s incredibly important to recognize those employees who consistently embody that professional philosophy. And there is no one who does that as consistently or as impressively as Karen Taylor. Karen recently received the Starfish customer service award for her work at the Karmanos infusion clinic.

That alone is a recognition worth celebrating. But here’s whats really remarkable: this makes the fourth year in a row that Karen has received that honor. She is not only the first non-Karmanos employee to receive the award, she has made it clear with her performance over the years that it was no fluke. Patients, hospital employees, medical professionals and Powerlink managers have all praised her caring and consideration—as well as her professionalism and her demonstrated willingness to go the extra mile. Karen embodies the professional ideal that Powerlink works so hard to maintain, and she is truly worthy of the award based on the old parable of the boy and the starfish:

A man is walking along a beach littered with thousands of dying starfish and sees a boy throwing them one at a time back in to the water. “Why do you bother?” he asked. “You’re not saving enough to make a difference.” The boy picked up another and threw it in. “It made a difference to that one,” he said.

Karen’s hard work on behalf of every individual patient she comes in contact with is the personification of the notion that everyone matters. A long list of patient testimonials shows just how much of an impact she has had at Karmanos. From simple gestures like getting patients a cup of coffee, to a friendly smile or word of encouragement while she works hard to keep their rooms clean and their spirits up, Karen makes a difference every single day.

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