Believing in AIDET (1 of 2)

The AIDET framework is taking hold in facilities across the healthcare industry. An acronym that stands for Acknowledge, Introduce, Duration, Explanation, and Thank You, AIDET is increasingly recognized as an important step forward toward the goal of creating a more welcoming, more comfortable and more beneficial atmosphere for patients.

While AIDET encapsulates the key elements of communication, empathy and personal engagement, the success of this system is based on your team’s belief in its value and importance. It’s about having a model that makes people feel comfortable in what can often be uncomfortable—and sometimes frightening or stressful—circumstances. Hospitals and healthcare facilities are beginning to understand the critically important truth: the best way to encourage healing is to make people as comfortable as they can be. Communicating to patients with clarity, and treating them with courtesy and consideration has very tangible benefits.

Like education, healthcare has become an incredibly competitive field—both around the country and here in Southeast Michigan. The competition is fierce and the choices are varied—at some point, there will be winners and losers. Those healthcare institutions that make the cut are going to be those who recognize that, while practicing great medicine and achieving a high standard of care is vital, treating patients is also about treating people. Clinicians are trained to maintain a certain degree of emotional detachment—which makes it all the more important that support services personnel use AIDET to help bridge that “empathy gap.”

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    AIDET is crucial in facilities. One of the anchors of the OS-1 cleaning system is the dignity of janitorial work, the value of investing in a self-directing, self-auditing workforce. There is great authority in being… so long as we are being ourselves, being our best selves, delivering our utmost. AIDET focuses on the moment. We are all servants, we are all served.

    I am very impressed that Powerlink integrates body, mind and spirit in its pursuit of commercial, professional and personal success.

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