The value of awards: Attracting top talent

Do awards matter? It may seem like a silly question, but I believe that the answer—which is, to my mind, a resounding yes—can spark some important discussion about what accolades and formal recognition really mean. While some folks might perceive awards to be frivolous or unimportant, I believe it’s important to recognize that awards are much more than just a trophy on a shelf: the best and most prestigious honors are a yardstick that helps us to measure our personal and professional progress.

Team awards are always gratifying, but individual awards should also resonate across the entire firm. If we didn’t have the right team, the right people and the right processes in place, those awards don’t happen. When Powerlink’s own Scott Rice is selected as one of Crain’s “40 Under 40,” or when I am fortunate enough to be included among Michigan Chronicle’s 100 Black President’s & CEOs, there is an entire team that has worked hard to make that possible. I believe that awards are fundamentally not just about recognition; they’re about affirmation. They are about letting the world know that we are doing things the right way—but also reaffirming internally, to our team and our leadership, that the hard work we are doing is paying off. They help showcase our great work and raise our reputation in the industry.

Perhaps most importantly of all, they can help create a positive feedback loop where our ability to build our brand ultimately attracts the best talent in the industry—subsequently strengthening our ability to grow and do great work for our clients. And while you can’t necessarily put it in a trophy case, the great client feedback that comes from that added value is the most important award of all.

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