The business case for diversity

As a Detroit-area business that works closely with diverse clients in diverse industries and communities, Powerlink encounters diversity every day. Maybe “encounters” is not quite strong enough: we strive for diversity. We nurture it. We promote it, and we celebrate it. In fact, diversity is one of our core values.

Here is the important point, however: the reason we do this is not from a sense of altruism, but because hard-earned experience in this industry has demonstrated to us over and over again that diversity makes us a more successful business. Diversity works. There is value in difference. Whether that difference comes from different educational backgrounds, different experiences and skillsets, different cultural and professional perspectives, or simply from growing up in a different neighborhood or another part of the country, it all matters. And it matters in ways that can have a meaningful positive impact on a professional culture and a bottom line. Prioritizing diversity does not mean lowering standards or making exceptions; quite the contrary. Our clients rely on us to provide qualified candidates—the best of the best.

Making the business case for diversity is not difficult. We see it over and over again. A vibrant, dynamic and diverse group of employees is the single best way to build a strong, resilient, and engaged company; a business that promotes flexibility and innovation. It might seem counterintuitive, but when you bring together smart, hard-working folks from different backgrounds in pursuit of a common professional goal, the result is frequently a more unified, connected and cohesive workplace that gives exceptional service to all of our clients.

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