Powerlink, Sodexo and Detroit Public Schools

I’m excited because Powerlink has just earned a tremendous opportunity to grow and learn, as we have been chosen as a key subcontractor in Detroit Public Schools’ plan to outsource school facilities cleaning and maintenance.

As emergency fiscal manager, Robert Bobb said during the public announcement, this change will let the school district focus its efforts on students, and let experts such as Powerlink manage facilities.

Here is the link to the DPS news release: http://detroitk12.org/news/article/2182/.

I agree that this move is first and foremost about students, and we are here to support their highest achievements – by providing them clean, well-maintained buildings in which to learn. We know we can deliver because Powerlink, and our other minority partners are well-established Detroit companies, with deep roots in the city, and solid records of performance.

Our company has grown because we use continuous quality improvement processes to deliver outstanding service to its customers. We expect the students, teachers and other staff of Detroit Public Schools will notice the difference and benefit from it.

Powerlink is proud to be part of this consortium, led by Sodexo, which brings tremendous resources to the table as a global company. We have had other successful affiliations with Sodexo, we know their work well, and we are very comfortable with their management team.

This is a tremendous opportunity for all of us up here, for every Detroit Public School student, every teacher and every employee we work with. It’s a chance for all of us to grow.

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    simplyron says:

    I retired 10-01-09 from D.P.S. ,with a 3rd steam & a3rd refrigeration licence. I would like to be considerd
    for employoyment. I’ve worked almost with every piece of equipment the D.P.S. has, for over 30yrs.
    I’m sure I can be an asset to you.

    Ronald Johnson

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    Andrew says:

    I’d like to commend Sodexo on their cotiemmmnt to hiring returning Veterans, particularly disabled Veterans. I cannot overstate my gratitude, as well as the gratitude of many I speak with.Angela speaks quite a bit about LinkedIn . . . which is what I also hear from Veterans I help out in their job searches at the VA Hospitals. [Note: I do this to give back and have never made a penny in placement fees on returning Vets. Frankly, I would refuse payment.] Many Vets are not interested in Twitter, but they see LI as a viable tool in their search. While this may sound strange, it’s difficult to convince a combat veteran that Twitter will help them find a civilian position. However, they can create a profile on LI and see immediate benefit.I’m still at a loss why there is all this talk about Twitter and how it’s the magic pill many would like to position it as it’s obvious from Angela’s comments that LI is the tool of choice, not Twitter. How many more examples do we need? I’m not saying we should not utilize Twitter, but the beating of the marketing drums has become near-deafening.Here’s an irony: The 4th bulletpoint listed above references Twitter, but why? Angela reinforces the value of LI Groups on multiple occasions.Angela, thank you for you and your organization’s cotiemmmnt to hiring Veterans. You are making a difference and I applaud you 🙂

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