Putting it into Overdrive

I was fortunate enough to have an article published on the EO Overdrive blog, an online publication of the Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO). In the piece, entitled The Business Case for Diversity, I make several points that I have articulated more than once in this space, as well.

I discuss what diversity actually means, correct some misconceptions about diversity, explain how and why diversity has been such a core value for us here at Powerlink, and ultimately make what I think is a compelling case for the very real and tangible value of diversity in a professional environment. If you are interested, I encourage you to visit EO Overdrive and read the blog post in its entirety, but the gist of my argument boils down to one thing: perspective.

At its heart, diversity is about sharing and learning from a range of different perspectives, especially with those that come from different cultural backgrounds. As I wrote in the blog post:

“…a focus on diversity can help me surround myself with people, perspectives and insights that will expand my horizons—opening up new opportunities where I may not have looked before.”

I truly believe that “diversity drives business success” in no small part because of how our diverse workforce here at Powerlink enables us to connect and communicate with clients and professional partners in ways that would not otherwise be possible. To me, one of the great values of being a part of an organization like EO is the opportunity to share some of our thoughts and insights.

It gets to the heart of what entrepreneurial organizations are all about—energy and input and the free exchange of ideas—and speaks to the importance of sharing knowledge and best-practices with peers.

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