Detroit Free Press Profile: Link Howard

I was thrilled to be featured in the Detroit Free Press recently in a piece entitled Powerlink founder started new career late in life. As the article was a broad profile, I did have an opportunity to share a few of the lessons and ideas that have been important to me in shaping my personal and professional development. One of those is the importance of dressing the part. In response to a question from Free Press reporter Frank Witsil—who was kind enough to visit me here at our New Center One offices for the interview—I explain that, when it comes to bussiness attire:

“I like to mix it up. I like being well dressed because when people see me they think of Powerlink. When they think of Powerlink, I want them to have a favorable impression. I want people to remember me in the right ways. Being a sharp dresser is a way to remember me, it opens the door to a relationship — and further conversation.”

The importance of personal image is something I believe in deeply, and it’s something I try to impart to Powerlink employees, as well. How we dress has so much to do with how we are perceived, and it’s such a simple thing that anyone can do to enhance their image.

The article also briefly explores my family’s entrepreneurial history, and I explain how I used that as a motivator in my own career. I talk about how the first real entrepreneur I saw in action was my grandfather, who owned and worked in parking lots around the Chrysler factory in Hamtramck.

Watching my grandfather work when I was a young man was my first taste of business in action, and it “instilled in me a desire to want my financial freedom.” It’s a reminder to me that, no matter how badly we want to get where we are going, it’s always worthwhile to take a moment and reflect upon where we have been and why we do what we do.

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