The Value of a Long-Range Plan

Every organization must balance the challenges of succeeding today with the need to build a framework to grow tomorrow. These are different, and often contradictory goals that need separate attention. As leaders it’s our job to look ahead and understand the next steps our company should take—for today and for the future.

Growth necessitates being structurally different. Even if your business model doesn’t shift (which it most likely should), scale creates a new set of challenges all by itself. At Powerlink, we believe in long-term planning. We believe in building a support system for your organization that will be ready for the next step. It costs time and money to do this well: to vet and invest in the right partners and to ensure your technology has capabilities beyond what you need today.

Many companies fail during a growth period—what should be their time of success—because they have not reinvested to secure the infrastructure they need to expand. It means thinking ahead and making the choices to add staff in addition to add external partners.

This is the philosophy that led to the creation of Powerlink Construction: the chance to use our expertise to take on new opportunities. While there has been a significant amount of preparation specifically for that new challenge, we had the corporate infrastructure in place to see that this new step would succeed. We were confident that the HR, accounting, communication and training systems were in place to take advantage of the opportunity to grow our business.

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