The Value in Employee Outreach

When we look at what makes organizations great, it often comes down to, first, having a clear vision and, second, ensuring that employees are given the tools to embrace it. Strong communication, from the top down and the bottom up, helps employees be aware of the goals, achievements and challenges that we all face. Every company benefits from facing them together.

When employees don’t have a regular stream of communication, it creates a vacuum—often filled by rumor and innuendo. This can easily detach a workforce from its shared goals and attach it more closely to gossip.

No work environment is perfect—there will always be issues—so companies must do their best to listen and understand what those are from an employee perspective and respond to the best of their ability. When Powerlink sent out its most recent team survey it was clear that some of our messages were not making it down to front-line staff.

We’ve been grateful for the honesty of these team members in identifying issues—that means we can help fix them. Regular surveys are a great tool to give employees the opportunity to respond—then we as a management team need to do our best to act on this feedback, and communicate regularly and effectively, to ensure our team knows our goals—and they know that we understand theirs.

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