Winning Futures—Why We Support Them

Many well-meaning individuals and corporations make a point to donate to multiple charitable initiatives, non-profit organizations and worthy causes. More often than not, however, they have no idea whether their money is being used effectively. What’s ironic is that business leaders and entrepreneurs make a living working hard to maximize efficiency in our businesses, and to make sure that we get the most out of every dollar we spend. But if we don’t apply that same degree of scrutiny and analytical rigor to the charitable organizations that we support, we are doing ourselves (and them) a disservice. Your check might be going to support a truly great cause, but if that organization is not run efficiently, some of that money is essentially being flushed away.

Understandably, many corporate leaders want to support organizations that will make an impact—doing things the right way—and truly supporting your mission so you can help the most people. That’s why everyone here at Powerlink is so proud of our association with an organization like Winning Futures. Winning Futures was recently named one of Crain’s Best-Managed Nonprofits of 2013. It’s great to know that our dollars are going toward helping kids, and that our donations are truly making an impact. The Warren-based nonprofit mentoring agency has more than doubled its annual revenue in recent years, and also more than doubled the number of students who move through its programs. When Powerlink first contributed funds to the Winning Futures mission, we knew that we were assisting an organization that is truly committed to making every dollar count. In fact, it’s one of the many reasons why I am proud to serve not only as a contributor, but also as the President of the Winning Futures board of directors.

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