EO#1: Bringing Entrepreneurs Together from Around the World

I had an opportunity recently to attend the EO University event in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and I came away impressed and inspired—both by the quality of the event and the thoughtful and thought-provoking presentations and exchanges between attendees. The event, which took place Wednesday November 13th through Sunday November 17th, was designed to bring together entrepreneurs from around the world to talk about trends, strategies, successes and opportunities. It was, as I discovered, an extraordinary opportunity for businessmen and women to network with and to learn from each other, to forge and strengthen relationships, and to hear some world class speakers and thought leaders talk about their experiences and explore topics on the cutting edge of businesses and entrepreneurial enterprise.

The international tenor of the event was especially interesting and enlightening, and I enjoyed learning about the differences between business conditions in different parts of the world, and about what strategies have been successful (and not-so successful) in other countries. The roster of speakers featured a diverse range of entrepreneurs from all walks of life, but I was particularly intrigued by the presentations given by Rick Kash and Ridgely Goldsborough (which, you have to admit, are two very fitting names for successful entrepreneurs). Rick is the founder and Chairman of The Cambridge Group, a prominent growth strategy consulting firm, and the author of The New Law of Demand and Supply: The Revolutionary New Demand Strategy for Faster Growth and Higher Profits. He spoke about the importance of being a demand-driven business instead of a supply-driven business, and outlined a six-step process of how to make that happen. He really got me thinking about the importance of understanding how demand for your product or service might evolve over time, about targeting the right customers, and about investing your resources accordingly. Ridgely is an author and internet marketing expert, whose session, What’s your WHY?, delved into the essentials about why we do what we do. It was a fascinating talk, and I plan on learning more about his globally successful WHY Marketing Formula, and to think about how some of the ideas he discussed might apply to the work we are doing right here at Powerlink.

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