Mike Duggan for Mayor

There’s no doubt about it, Detroit has had a tough year. The high-profile formal bankruptcy filing from the city we all know and love has left Detroit open to criticism in the media and the Motor City has been held up as an example of irresponsible civic spending and governance. The ongoing situation with the Emergency Financial Manager and threats to everything from city retiree pensions to DIA art have only told part of the story.

Many of the underlying problems that led to where we are today were decades in the making and few, if any, of them will be remedied overnight. There is, however, reason for optimism. In many ways, Detroit is on the upswing, and the silver lining in the city’s formal bankruptcy filing is that it gives everyone who lives in, works in, and loves Detroit a chance to believe that so much significant change in such a short time signifies an opportunity for new beginnings.

Along with the guidance and vision of a new mayoral administration, we will hopefully see a fresh start for Detroit. That is why Powerlink, along with many other businesses based in the city, supports Mike Duggan for mayor. We endorse Mike Duggan not only because of his history as a job creator and his clear understanding of the barriers that so many entrepreneurs face, but also because we know that a Duggan administration will work closely and constructively with the business community to break down the barriers that divide us and constrain us.

We firmly believe that he will help to create a new civic foundation that is far more welcoming to the forces that are shaping, and will continue to shape, Detroit’s recovery. We are excited by the potential presented by new leadership and a fresh perspective, and we look forward to doing everything we can as a corporate citizen to help Mike Duggan move the City of Detroit forward.

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