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I thought I’d take a few moments today to share some of my perspectives about an organization that has meant a great deal to me both personally and professionally: The Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO). I am an active and enthusiastic longtime member of EO, a global organization that unites a network of close to 10,000 business owners in 131 chapters and 40 countries.

Since 1987, EO has been making it easier for “small and large business owners to learn from each other, leading to greater business success and an enriched personal life.” The stated goals of EO, to “build the world’s most influential entrepreneur community” and to further its mission of “supporting entrepreneurial education and engaging entrepreneurs to learn and grow” are admirable, and I can speak firsthand to the value of those principles, as I have benefited from them myself. From leadership development programs to education and resources, EO offers an abundance of opportunities, tools and training for both aspiring and established professionals.

To me, one of the single most important features of EO is simply the opportunity to learn from and engage with fellow entrepreneurs and business owners from across Detroit and Southeast Michigan and from around the world. As someone to whom diversity has been important throughout the course of my professional life, I think it’s also important to focus on how minority entrepreneurs and business owners can promote the principles of diversity simply by expanding your professional relationships and connections in organizations like EO.

While Powerlink is an enthusiastic supporter of and member in a number of urban-focused and minority-based organizations, we also recognize the value of creating diversity by participating in groups such as EO. I feel strongly that seizing opportunities to expand your business horizons and (in the process) adding a new measure of diversity and fresh perspective to entrepreneurial organizations is a powerful and important way to promote diversity, increase minority representation, share your experiences and continue to grow your business as part of a strong and vibrant regional business community.

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