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When it comes to hiring, the interview is often the focal point—the personal and professional evaluation method of choice for as long as there have been jobs. But is interviewing enough? No matter how creative and comprehensive the interview or interviews may be, there is a growing school of thought that interviewing alone is not a good method to select people. It’s not so much that interviewing isn’t important, it’s just that it needs to be put into the proper perspective: as one piece of a larger assessment process that includes everything from evaluation and assessment, to employer and skills matching, to a comprehensive orientation, training and periodic post-hiring check-in and follow-up.

Here at Powerlink, our own talent evaluation and employee matching technique is a three-part process: Identify, Secure and Empower. The first step, Identify, is a multi-tiered stage that includes an online application, a behavioral and skills assessment, a detailed application review and assessment, and a personal phone interview. Promising qualified applicants move on to the Secure phase, which consists of an onsite interview, a reference check, background check, drug and medical screening, and possibly a formal offer of employment. Because we believe at Powerlink that the hiring process doesn’t end when the interview ends, the third step of our hiring process is essential.
During the Empower phase—which includes comprehensive corporate orientation, onsite orientation, one-day, one-week, one-month, and 60- and 90-day reviews, and ongoing benefits and HR support—we ensure that the professional fit is a good one and provide employer and employee alike with the tools and resources they need to optimize long-term productivity and positivity. All successful professionals recognize that the success of any business or professional endeavor relies on the quality of our employees.

By utilizing a process that includes multiple interview components, detailed background checks, talent evaluation and skills assessments, and extensive orientation and review once the employee is on the job, we feel that Powerlink is acknowledging that truth, and maximizing the chances that each new hire will be a professional investment with significant and sustainable long-term returns.

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