Everything counts – and that’s why I’m blogging

Not too long ago a man at a networking event handed me his business card, and after one look at it, I was about ready to dismiss his company as an also-ran, not a winner. I know that was a harsh assessment – especially since I still shudder every time I think of the card I handed out for my first business. But it does underscore the message that in the business world, every detail tells your customers something about you.

We are a company that cleans and sanitizes hospital operating rooms. What would you think of Powerlink if you came into the lobby of our office and the carpet was stained, the chairs smelled a bit dusty and there were file folders stacked haphazardly in several corners? You’d be wondering, “If the people who work here can’t keep their own place looking great, why would I pay them to maintain mine?”

The connection in that example is pretty obvious, but I think the principle extends beyond the obvious. Powerlink isn’t a marketing firm, but we are very careful about the design and content of every sign in the office, every page on our web site, and yes, every business card we hand out. They all have to look clean, sound knowledgeable and be consistent, because they all reflect the core values of our company.

This is even more important when it comes to the interactions our employees have with the staff, visitors and patients at all the locations we manage. A few people a day might see how well we maintain our lobby, but several thousand may see or talk to Powerlink people at work. Knowing that, it wasn’t hard for us to decide to embrace the model of the Ritz-Carlton hotels’ world-class customer service.

So, what does all that have to do with this, my first blog entry? A lot, in fact. Powerlink distinguishes itself by the way we apply the rigorous discipline of continuous process improvement to what some might consider mundane tasks. That means we don’t consider any task mundane, and we are always drawing on our employees’ knowledge to accomplish them better and more efficiently. In short, we have knowledge to share, and a blog is one way I can share them.

Blogging is new to me, so I expect to be making continuous improvement here, as elsewhere around the company. Feel free to join the conversation.

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