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Something that many people might not know about Powerlink is that we also provide a staffing division that provides personnel in a number of different categories. This isn’t just an important part of our business—it’s a growing one. National trends show that companies are increasingly looking to augment their workforce, but many are still somewhat wary of hiring full-time staff at this point in the economic recovery process.

While the overall trend has been moving in the right direction for at least two years now, the tough recession we all experienced has left both literal and figurative scars, and companies are understandably still a little bit hesitant to make large investments in staffing. Staffing services like those provided by Powerlink are always valuable, but they can serve as a particularly important bridge during times like these.

Staffing can help companies move things along while providing flexibility and minimizing exposure as we move through this period of still tentative economic growth. Another factor driving the increase in demand for staffing services is that many firms are hesitant to add full-time staff with health care reform looming on the horizon. Uncertainty about the details of how that will play out still looms large in the minds of entrepreneurs and decision-makers across Michigan.

Despite these ongoing worries about health care reform, payroll and long-term expenses/obligations, businesses still need quality people in order to grow. Unfortunately, some companies may no longer have the HR infrastructure to recruit talent outside of their core focus. A healthcare organization may be fine with hiring clinical staff, for example, but lagging behind in their ability to recruit, hire and manage support staff. If an organization has a hiring process that is focused on or built around their core focus, things can get behind—quickly. Such a hiring gap can incur tremendous unnecessary costs if paying overtime is required or if work isn’t getting done as efficiently and effectively as it should be.

Powerlink’s staffing services help to fill this gap—and to do it faster and better than many companies can do on their own. With quality higher and costs lower, it’s a formula that just makes sense for many (most) firms, and it should come as no surprise that it’s something that more and more Powerlink clients are taking full advantage.

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