Something in the Air

For business owners and entrepreneurs in the Motor City, it’s unmistakable: there is a definite buzz of excitement around hiring in Detroit right now. Business is picking up, and hiring activity is beginning to follow. There is a sense, at least anecdotally, that the slow-but-steady rebound from the recession has gained enough traction that the job market has reached a kind of tipping point. We are seeing hiring pick up in a number of different places, not just in growth industries like health care (which were fairly resilient even in the depths of the recession), but in sectors that have yet to really rebound and have been mostly treading water from a hiring standpoint.

What is especially interesting to me is what this hiring looks like. Much of the hiring buzz is being driven by businesses looking to improve the scale and scope of their services in an increasingly competitive marketplace. As organizations look to give and receive better service, they are demanding more from their vendors and professional partners, and prioritizing quality to a degree that hasn’t been seen in years. “Good” is no longer good enough, and “great” is the baseline expectation. In an economy that is just now beginning to get out from under the long shadow of a significant economic slowdown, standing out becomes all the more important; you have to up your game if you want to be a star player. Powerlink clients are coming to us and are asking us to do more for them, and that is a pattern we are seeing across the city and around Southeast Michigan. To respond to that increased demand, of course, businesses are hiring. If you’re building a segment of your business, you need talent: having the professional and personnel infrastructure in place to support that growth and service the customer is essential. In other words: if you want to go higher, you’ve got to go hire.

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