Spring Cleaning Doesn’t Exist

While the rest of the world is thinking about Spring Cleaning, maintenance for a well-managed facility is planned year-round. The best way to maximize efficiency and improve the building environment is through a proactive, planned approach.

In commercial facilities, we don’t have the luxury of picking a specific weekend to clean out our closets—this work is ongoing and constant. A facilities management plan that is well-orchestrated spreads the work over the entire year, keeping team members’ workloads more stable—and with more variety—ensuring that every task is part of the plan and has a reasonable amount of time to be completed.

This approach means that, as facilities managers, we’re not chasing every problem, but working to fix them before they happen. We all do more efficient and effective work when we’re not running from crisis to crisis.

If you feel as if your facility is suffering in the doldrums of winter, it may be time to review your annual plan and see where improvements and efficiencies can be achieved. The best facilities are driven by these plans and procedures to create positive environments for team members and, most importantly, the workers, students and patients who get to enjoy a well-managed space.

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