WDET: Powerlink Part of Affordable Care Act Discussions

The Affordable Care Act has raised difficult questions for businesses across the country, and metro Detroit is no exception. As part of a panel on the impact of the AFA on local businesses, I shared Powerlink’s position: While we’re certainly concerned about rising costs, many of the new regulations and mandatory benefits for employees are items we already had in place.

Empowering our team is a critical part of our work here at Powerlink and providing them a strong benefits package is a vital part of that equation. With a diverse workforce—from highly-trained building engineers to housekeeping and environmental team members—Powerlink offers multiple plans to meet everyone’s needs.

The biggest issue as the AFA continues to come into effect is the uncertainty that it creates. With so many moving parts to the legislation and so much contention over its implementation, the changes make it difficult for businesses of all sizes to make decisions when the playing field changes so quickly. Increasing the burden on small businesses will never be positive for economic growth, but ongoing uncertainty can be just as damaging, if not worse.

Listen to the complete interview here.

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