Throwing a brand engagement party

Every business should be focused on keeping their frontline employees engaged and excited—literally and figuratively invested in the success of the business. Here at Powerlink, we’ve recently gone through a comprehensive redevelopment of our internal brand, and a big piece of the process revolved around a reinvention of how we communicate with our employees. Specifically, we’ve refocused the way our leadership team conveys the essential elements of our culture and professional mission to our team members.

Companies have to be conscious about the way they frame and discuss their brand to reach shifting audiences in an increasingly diverse and multigenerational workforce. This is increasingly important because a brand is so much more than a catchphrase or a logo: it is the essential nature of your business and your professional character. It is the service experience of each person working with a Powerlink associate every day. If you clearly and regularly communicate your mission and your message to your employees, your brand won’t just reside in the corporate office, but will be something that your employees embody—they can live by it every day and pass along it to your customers.

If we can’t engage our own team members and make them want to understand and to be a part of a larger mission, we will have missed an invaluable opportunity. Part of that process is listening. By running internal focus groups with our team members to see how they perceive the company and the brand, we can fix gaps and ensure every employee understands what it means to be a part of Powerlink. The more we forge those connections and develop belief in our mission, the more we see a direct benefit in the form of a superior product: great customer service.

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